Curriculum Vitae


  • Support DJ for Infernal (Gran Canaria)
  • Design and construction design for the nightclub NOAA (MeatPackingDistrict / Copenhagen)
  • Set and construction design with PRD Agency for Pandora (Berlin)
  • Construction design for nightclub Hello CoCo (Copenhagen)
  • Set design and music booking for Copenhagen Pride (Main Square / Copenhagen)
  • Set and Costume design for A Midsummers Night Dream by William Shakespeare (Rogaland Teater / Norway)
  • Pre production of Homecoming by Harold Pinter  (Rogaland Teater / Norway)
  • Music production for “Laugernes Opvisning” (Moltkes Palæ / Copenhagen)
  • Pre production “The Wave of Shit” (Husets Teater / Copenhagen)
  • Music design for Cartier event (Cartier / Copenhagen)


  • Pre production of “A Midsummer Nights Dream” by William Shakespeare (Rogaland Teater / /Norway)
  • Set design for launch of Celebrity Ninja (D´Angleterre / Copenhagen)
  • Set/audio/light – design for the launch of “BLOMST” by Royal Copenhagen (Vega / Copenhagen)
  • Music production for Stasia SS18 (D´Angleterre / Copenhagen)
  • Music production for Martin Asbjørn SS18 (CIFF / Copenhagen)
  • Set design for Platt-form “En smule I overkanten” (Theater Edison / Copenhagen)
  • Music production for “Laugernes Opvisning” (Moltkes Palæ / Copenhagen)
  • Event for NetGropu/InPay (D´Angleterre/Pakhus11 / Copenagen)
  • Support DJ for Ida Coor  (Grand Canaria)


  • Christmas Table design for principal dancer Alban Lendorf at Royal Copenhagen 
  • Music production for IVAN GRUNDAHL AW17
  • Music production for Jean//Phillip AW17
  • Music production for Martin Asbjørn AW17
  • Set Design for NNIT “Kick-Off Party” (Tivoli Congress / Copenhagen)
  • Set Desing and booker for Winter Pride 2017 (Pumpehuset / Copenhagen)
  • Light consultant and scent designer for REPEAT FITNESS
  • Set/audio/light – design for the release of the whisky “Valkyrie” by Highland Park
  • Interior consultant and DJ for “Small Luxury Hotels of the World” (Stockholm/Oslo/Copenhagen)
  • Set design for Santander “summer party”
  • Booker/DJ/Set design for the danish event participation in OutGames17 for HappyCph (Miami, FL)
  • Set Design for NNIT “Summer party” (Øksnehallen / Copenhagen)
  • Set design for the “First Aid in Virtual Reality” project by “Se – mit Hjerte”
  • Design pitch for Marienlyst Badehotel Spa
  • Music production and Set design for IVAN GRUNDAHL SS18
  • Music production for Martin Asbjørn SS18
  • Music production for Nicholas Nybro SS18
  • Booking and Set design for Copenhagen Pride (Copenhagen main square)
  • Set design for Rambøll “Summer party (Langelinje Pavillionen)
  • Music production for “Laugernes Opvisning” (Moltkes Palæ)


  • Designed the new lounge area and bar for NATBAR at Bremen Theater
  • Set Design and art direction for the music video “Løbe i Vand” Clara Sofie
  • Set Design for NNIT “Gatsby” dinner and party (Lokomotivværkstedet)
  • Designed Restaurant “ANTE” in collaboration with artist FOS
  • Music production for KPH FUR´s “Imagine Talents” with PRD Agency (industriens Hus)
  • Set Design for WinterPride2016 in collaboration with Rasmus Balslev (VEGA)
  • Set Design for NNIT “Summer Party” (Lokomotiv Værkstedet)
  • Designed “Gourmet Stage” at Trailer Park Festival (Skater Parken)
  • Stage Design and booker for Copenhagen Pride 2016 in collaboration with Rasmus Balslev (Cph Main Square)
  • Set Design for “The Naked Bar” by Famous Grouse with Holm&Bertung (KB3)
  • Set Design for Universal Music “Summer Party” (Universal)
  • Set Design for Deloitte “Summer Summit” (Marriot Hotel)
  • Music production for Nicholas Nybro Show SS17 (Steak Royal)
  • DJ at Euroman event for PRD Agency (MAIO/Illum Rooftop)
  • Music production for “Laugernes Opvisning” (Moltkes Palæ)
  • Set design for NYXX Cosmetics for PRD Agency in collaboration with Rasmus Balslev (Chateau Motel)
  • Launch of my first fragrance for men “no title”


  • Set design for MÆRSK congress and party (Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center)
  • “Nordic Night” set design for the lawfirm company Bruun&Hjejle with Meyer´s Køkken (Skt. Nicolaj Church)
  • “Josh Bartley” Art direction and set design for fashion editorial for Vulkan Magazine
  • Set design for Meyer´s Køkken pop restaurant (Vega)
  • Music consultant and DJ for Pandora dinner and party with PRD Agency (Langelinje Pavillionen)
  • Scented candle design for the cocktailbars 1105 and 1656.
  • Set design for the Official Distortion afterparty (Vega)
  • Starting as board member for Happy Cph
  • Set Design for NNIT “Kick-Off” dinner and party (Lokomotivværkstedet)
  • Music production for Jean//Phillip SS16 show (Copenhagen City hall, Cph Fashionweek)
  • Music production for NYBRO SS16 show (Copenhagen City hall, Cph Fashionweek)
  • Set Design and Booker for Copenhagen Pride 2015 in collaboration with Rasmus Balslev (CPH Main Square)
  • Set design and construction for the “Cities changing diabetes summit” by ActivateEvents (lokomotiv værkstedet)


  • DJ set for Birger et Mikkelsen AW14 (Fashion Exclusive, Copenhagen Fashion Week)
  • DJ set at Hummel party w Entree (PRD Agency, Copenhagen Fashion Week)
  • Set Design Novo Nordisk IT party with Jean von Baden (Øksnehallen, Copenhagen)
  • Interior and Light design for Restaurant Manzel (Copenhagen)
  • Artist coordinator and Dj w Rosa Lux for Pandora Party (PRD Agency, The Danish Museum of Modern Art)
  • Audio Design for Restaurant Brdr. Price
  • Set and Light Design for Science in the City w WishBone and Sharing Copenhagen (Carlsberg, Copenhagen)
  • Stage Design for Copenhagen Pride 2014 (Copenhagen)


  • DJ set for HUMMEL Birthday Party with PRD Agency (Den grå Hal, Christiania)
  • Music production and DJ set for Pandora Party (The Blue Planet, Copenhagen)
  • Set design for “The Idiots” by Lars von Trier (The Royal Danish Theater, Copenhagen)
  • Set design for editorial “Oi” with for the online magasine Fucking Young!
  • Set design for “Kunsten Stiger” (The Royal Theater, Copenhagen)
  • Debut of music production “SURAKI” with Alexander McKenzie for “Kunsten Stiger” (The Royal Theater, Copenhagen)
  • Set design for “Krydstogt” by Vivian Nielsen (Odense Theater, Odense)
  • Set design for “In the Pretty Boys Mouth” by Forsworks (Warehouse9, Copenhagen)
  • Music production for Jean//Phillip SS14 “Retour to Detour” show (Copenhagen City Hall, Copenhagen Fashion Week)
  • Set design for NovoZymes party with WishBone (Øksnehallen, Copenhagen)
  • Set design for Stine Ladefoged SS14 “MashinenMensch” show (Copenhagen City Hall, Copenhagen)
  • Music composition with Alexander McKenzie for ONLY campaign (Dir. Sune Czajkowski, Rare)


  • Dj set for Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Show AW13 with Gregersen Communication (Børsen, CPHFashionWeek)
  • Set Design for Jesper Høvring Show AW13 with Fashion Exclusive (NIMB, Copenhagen Fashion Week)
  • Music production for Jean//Phillip AW13 Fashion Show with Fashion Exclusive (NIMB, Copenhagen Fashion Week)
  • Set design and Dj set for “4*4” dinner (In collaboration with and Silverspoon)
  • Founder and creative manager of the AllRightsCph organisation and Launch party in collaboration with CphPride and Amnesty International (KB3, Copenhagen)
  • Interior Design for the nightclub KB3.
  • Set design for the play “TAASINGE” by Andreas Garfield (Bagggårds Teatret, Svenborg)


  • Event organizer & Booking agent for Spies’ Pride float (Copenhagen LGBT Pride)
  • Music production for Stine Ladefoged AW2011 Fashion Show (Copenhagen Fashion Week)
  • Music production for Jean//Phillip AW2011 Fashion Show (Copenhagen Fashion Week)
  • Set design for Jatoma Roskilde Festival 2011
  • Set design for the short film, “Nomansland”
  • Music production for an editorial by “The88” with Tom McKenzie


  • Resident DJ at Restaurant LêLê Vesterbro (Copenhagen)
  • Set Design for “The Carpenters,” “Miss Julie, ”Danish Design” and “Pinnochio” at Ålborg Theater (Aalborg, Denmark)
  • Co-founder of clubs “omohomo” with Rosa Lux & Thomas Madvig at TS Bar, and “Outrageouz” with Remee & Anders Ferdinan Henningsen at Club ZEN (Copenhagen)
  • DJ & founder of “SKIN” at World Outgames (Copenhagen)


  • Co-founder of the night club “Disco Volante” with Rosa Lux (Copenhagen)
  • 2 years of employment as Set Designer at Ålborg Theater (Aalborg)
  • Supporting DJ for Sia at Nimb, Tivoli (DANSK Copenhagen Fashion Week Party)
  • Set Design for “I Am My own Wife”, “Sick Youth”, “Skærmydsler” at Ålborg Theater (Aalborg)


  • Interior Design of Restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl (Copenhagen)
  • Resident Dj at Club Dunkel (Copenhagen)


  • Interior design for HAVE PR Agency
  • Set design for “I Toscana” by Plan-B (Husets Teater, Copenhagen)•
  • Set design for “L.O.D.P.C.O.F” by MammutTeatret and K2


  • Internship at BlackDog Films (Ridley Scott Association – London)
  • Graduation from The Danish National school of Performing Arts


  • Resident Dj at Custom House (Copenhagen)
  • Exclusive Dj at Helena Christensen photo exhibition (Proud Galleries, London)


  • Exclusive DJ for the celebration of the Danish Crown Prince Royal Wedding at Der Nordischer
    Botshaft (The Nordic Ambassy – Berlin)


  • Accepted as student at The Danish National school of Performing Arts


  • “Kunstart” at Charlottenborgs Autumn Exhibition


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